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  Europe / Russian Federation / Kazan

400 XMR

Teach someone a lesson

Need someone to help teach a guy a lesson in Kazan Russia.

Expiry: 2022-01-25

0.8418 XMR

Acces to the twitter account

I need to take over one Twitter account. I know the login and email address through which the owner logs in, I don't know the password.

Expiry: 2022-02-28

  Europe / Ukraine / Київ

0.6832 XMR

Girl to fetish me

A pretty young girl who pees and poops on me. Sex in excrement only if you agree. I am a famous person, 100% discretion required.

Expiry: 2022-01-12

  Asia / China / Beijing

1.0699 XMR

girl who will pick up my boss

45 years old, married, well held, slim. I need a pretty girl with whom he will cheat on his wife, and preferably blindly fall in love with her. Only locally, not via the Internet.

Expiry: 2022-01-20

0.298 XMR

Web catalog script needed

For onion sites. Fast (light), responsive, voting, comments, categories, search, automatic thumbinail making, add new onion form.

Expiry: 2022-01-15

0.0182 XMR

Transsexual (shemale)

35 year old guy, good looking, straight, normal, looking for a slim tras (shemale). So far, I have only had experience with women, but for a few days I started thinking about trying something different. Preferably with Polish.

Expiry: 2021-12-31

0.1822 XMR

Android Keylogger

Invisible for the victim. I will have 5 minutes to install it on a mobile phone. Have to send results to the cloud or via email once a day.

Expiry: 2022-01-01

  Europe / Germany / Hamburg

0.3686 XMR

Actors for a gay hard porn movie

We are looking for 18-40 men for a group sex scene. Everyone will have masks on their faces. Nice body and the absence of infectious diseases required. Recording time, about 6h. Hamburg.

Expiry: 2021-12-31